Boeing and Brazil in partnership to develop biofuels for jets


The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has put sugar in their fuel tanks. Sounds crazy, but according to Jessica Kowal, spokesman for the company, is the absolute truth and is already in use since 2011, and having been used in over 1500 flights already.

Approved by the International Organization for Standardization Fuels Jet, the new fuel is called “Farnesane” and is made from sugar derived from plants. Furthermore, it has polluted up to 80% less compared to traditional fossil fuels.

A few years ago the company has a program to develop new technologies and research in biofuels. With major investments and partnerships, including with Brazilian companies, the program aims to prioritize fuels that pollute less and less.

“It works on a 10% blend with traditional jet fuel, and the engine has been running without any alteration. Although still more expensive than traditional, it’s only a matter of time before the price falls, with new technologies that are being developed by the company in countries like Brazil”,she explained.

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