Bioelectricity should represent about 15% of total revenue in 2012 from ETH


Energy has a very strong weight in the nine units of the ETH, and represents the second business of the Group, which implemented the most advanced technology available in order to export and consumption of energy, according to Cesar Sa Jr, responsible for trading electricity of ETH.

The executive explained that in 2011/12 harvest, the energy from bagasse contributed with about 10% of total revenue at the ETH, which will have increasing energy deliveries for 2012 and 2013, which will be larger in volume of cane. “In 2012, the energy should represent approximately 15% of total revenue, showing that last harvest the company exported about 700 to 750 GWh. After reaching the limit of the installed capacity in over two seasons, energy revenues as a whole will be around 18-20% in the harvest 2014/15, “he emphasizes.

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