Belize: Cane Industry At Crisis Crossroads

The cane season is at a crisis crossroads tonight after Belize Sugar Industries today announced that it will have to shut down for three weeks.

The problem is a turbine that feeds the BELCOGEN co-generation plant. IT started giving trouble two weeks into the season – and has reached the point where it must be repaired.

The stoppage sells crisis for a cane season when everything has to go just right for the crop target to be met. And now sAnd now something has gone very wrong right in the middle of the season.

Ortega says BSI management has informed them that the turbine problem was an unforeseeable event. For this year”s cane season to be considered successful – the farmers would have to deliver 1.1 million tonnes of cane within the 30 week crop period.

With the crop period shortened by three weeks, a full 10%, all players have to hope they can make it up on the bake end of the season. omething has gone very wrong right in the middle of the season.

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