Australian Sugar industry hopes to avoid crush delays

Australian Sugar industry hopes to avoid crush delays

The CEO of Canegrowers says this year’s crush will be an improvement on the past two years.

Steve Greenwood says about 30 million tonnes of cane will be harvested in Queensland by the time crushing ends in mid-December.

However, he says any further delays will be costly.

“The longer the crush is obviously the more expenses we have, particularly the mill area – they have to keep operating and that’s a very expensive thing for them but even for the growers it’s an expensive issue,” he said.

Mr Greenwood says international demand remains strong.

“We’ve got a massive population growth factor in Asia and even if we doubled our sugar output overnight, which is very unlikely, I’d like to see it, we would still have basically [been] absorbed by demand in Asia,” he said.

“They have such a significant deficit of sugar in Asia, they would just suck it up.”

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