Argentina: Tabacal is working on ethanol plant expansion

IngenioTabacal, one of the largest sugar and ethanol producers in Argentina is expanding its existing alcohol and ethanol plant located in Salta province. Argentina has an ambitious ethanol blending program, with current mandate at 10%, which is likely to be increased in near future.

A professionally managed company, Tabacal is owned by Seaboard Corporation, USA. Tabacal invited bids from international suppliers for this project. After due evaluation of various technologies from Europe, Brazil etc, indian company Praj was selected .

For this 800 m3/day ethanol plant, Praj will employ efficient distillation and molecular sieve dehydration technology, using very low pressure exhaust steam to achieve 50-60% steam saving.

Tabacal will also modernize existing the alcohol and ethanol production plant to bring the fermentation, distillation and vinasse treatment modules to achieve global benchmarks.

This plant will be one of the most efficient plants in Argentina’s sugar belt.ingenio tabacal


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