And the financing of ethanol, when it comes?

This is the question that doesn’t keep quiet between business owners and managers of the sugarcane industry: the 2015/16 crop in the Center-South region of the country closes on average the fourth month without the industry knows about ethanol storage funding for the off season.

In recent event Ethanol Summit, organized by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (Unica) in São Paulo, the technical director of the institution, Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, answered the question on the subject of JornalCana ​​Portal:

– We are waiting for the setting of the interest rate to be charged for financing the ethanol storage.

The expected of Rodrigues was on 06/07, first of two days of the Ethanol Summit. Since then, only silence.

Also known as warrantage, funding for ethanol storage is a support tool for the sugarcane industry during the off season, period which the Center-South units can provide biofuel to a remunerative value. The funding serves to hold sales at prices below the remuneration.

According to the portal BNDES, which manages the financial resources, called BNDES Support Program for the Sugar and Alcohol Sector (BNDES PASS), the information available on Thursday afternoon (23/07) was that “the budget limit for this program has been reached and, therefore, the BNDES is not receiving funding requests protocol by PASS. “

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