Amyris and Total form joint venture to produce jet fuel and renewable diesel


U.S. companies Amyris technology for renewable products, and Total, focused on operations of oil and gas, announced on Tuesday (July 31) contracts to expand collaborative research and development (R & D) and form a joint venture to develop, produce and sell biofuels and other renewable products.

One of the objectives of the agreement is to accelerate the program Biofene, Amyris ´s renewable farnesene which allows the production of renewable diesel using sugar as raw material. Diesel focuses on serving as jet fuel.

Launched in 2010, the R & D is managed by the two companies. Total pledged to contribute with US$ 105 million in order to proceed with the work.

Additionally, the proposed joint venture, from which each company will have 50% of control, will have exclusive rights to produce and sell aviation fuel and renewable diesel, and non-exclusive rights to license to other renewable products, such as drilling fluids, solvents, polymers and certain bio-lubricants. The joint venture plans to start operations later in the second half of 2012.

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