ADM concludes acquisition  of corn processing company Eaststarch CV



Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) today announced acquisition of assets in the corn segment of Eaststarch CV, a company that is a joint venture between the US company and the British Tate & Lyle.

ADM now owns corn processing plants in Bulgaria and Turkey, for the manufacture of products for food and industrial use. The multinational also owns a 50% stake in a processing company in Hungary.

Together, the facilities in these three countries have a daily crushing capacity of approximately 200,000 bushels (5100 tons), with production geared primarily for sweeteners and starches. The unit in Hungary also produces ethanol for industrial use in beverages and fuels.

Read more: http://jornalcana.com.br/biosugar-en/adm-weak-ethanol-causes-less-profit/


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