Abengoa bioenergy reportedly closes u.s. plants, headquarters telegraph times


Abengoa has shut down its two Kansas ethanol plants, in Colwich and in Hugoton, according to local officials. Spexarth says the plant closed about 2 weeks ago, and he wasn’t given any warning of the company’s plan to close. She said she has not yet received a layoff notice from Missouri or the company. About 20 to 30 people worked at the plant.

Stephen Sachs of Sachs Properties, which owns the building, said that Abengoa Bioenergy has given no indication to him that they were closing the office. Neal Gillespie, economic director for Stevens County, said the plant laid off about 45 workers, leaving about six employees.

Ethanol plant in the US. The Spanish company with operations worldwide filed for legal protection November 25 because of heavy debts. The Hugoton biorefinery, which was inaugurated in October 2014, differs from other such plants because it produces second-generation ethanol, using non-edible agricultural crop residues, such as stalks and leaves.

A source told Reuters that Abengoa SA had made a commitment to lenders that it would cut some 4,000 jobs, or about 15 percent of its global workforce.

(Telegraph Times)

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