ABBI estimates that Brazil has the potential to produce 10 billion liters of 2G ethanol by 2030


“Brazil can produce about 10 billion liters of second generation ethanol per year via retrofit and industrial biotechnology. With the right incentives the productivity of ethanol in Brazil can triple by 2030,” estimated Bernardo Silva, chief executive of ABBI – Brazilian Association of Industrial Biotechnology at the FO Licht Sugar and Ethanol Brazil on the morning of April 27th in Sao Paulo.

According to Silva, for Brazil to reach the global forefront of industrial biotechnology it is necessary to increase investments in research and development and the level of productive activity. This could happen through encouragement policies and clear regulations for the commercialization of biofuels .

Other estimates presented by the association indicate an overall consumption of 1.7 billion gallons of gasoline by 2025, which will require 170 million liters of ethanol. Which will be a precedent for the sugarcane industry to expand its production of 2G ethanol.

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