9th SugarWorld ASIA focusing on sugar outlook and downstream opportunities


Global conference organizer, CMT announces the 9th SugarWorld ASIA Summit to be held in Yangon on April 28-30, 2013. Put together with industry leaders, the summit examines global sugar landscape, role of Asia in the trade, and the opportunities that follow.

Held in emerging market Myanmar, the [9th Sugar World ASIA Summit seeks to provide frank perspectives on global as well as Asia sugar markets, developments in high yielding crops, growing applications in biobased markets and animal feed, impact of natural sweeteners and other industry challenges. Kicking off the program is a [half-day pre-summit workshop led by Mr. Alessio Polastri, Ms. Karina Peng and Mr. Sebastian Pawlita of Polastri Wint & Partners. It examines Myanmar’s land and lease contracts, outlining vital legal, commercial and tax concerns.

The main summit opens with U. Soe Lin, President of Myanmar Sugar Manufacturer’s Association (MSMA) giving an address on revitalization of Myanmar’s sugar industry followed by Mr. Suhrid Patel of LMC International analyzing developments in global sugar industry plus its impacts on Myanmar, and U. San Thein, VP of MSMA discussing Myanmar’s sugar downstream developments.

Representing sugar producers/suppliers are Dr. Pasert Tapaneeyangkul, delving into Thailand’s success in cane & sugar, Mr. Rangsit Hiangrat, Director of OCSB updating on Thailand’s sugar policy, Mr. Mukesh Jumar, MD of Vishwanath Sugar and Steel Industries, and Dr. Manjunatha S Rao, GM of EID Parry addressing India’s integration & expansion plans and R&D respectively, and Mr. Javed A Kayani shedding light on raising Pakistan’s sugar millers standard and sugar cane yield.

Similarly, CMAA’s CFO/Administrative Director Dr. Sylvio Ortega will zoom into Brazil’s sugar cane business and downstream derivatives/products. In addition, he will be leading a specially designed post-summit workshop that spotlights on optimization and innovation in Brazil’s sugar cane industry, sharing comprehensive details on best practices, quality, feedstock, biobased materials, ethanol, power generation, biopolymers and process economics.

Other vital buying-country sessions included in the agenda:

• China: Sugar Production & Import Outlook – China Sugar Association, Liu Hande, Vice Chairman

• Indonesia: Increasing Competitiveness of Locally Produced Sugar – Sugar Refiners Association, Mr. Suryo Alam, Chairman

• Philippines: Sugar Market Outlook & Preparation for AFTA 2015 – Sugar Regulatory Adminsitration (SRA), Ms. Regina Martin, Administrator

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