2G ethanol plant owner purchases US company’s assets


GranBio, cellulosic ethanol plant in Brazil and controlling shareholder (50%) of SGBio, along with Solvay group, Rhodia, today announced the purchase of assets of the American biotechnology company Cobalt.

According to the press office of GranBio, transaction values ​​are not disclosed for strategic reasons.

Cobalt is considered a leader in the development of technology for the production of n-butanol, acetone, ethanol and butene from biomass.

The transaction includes the microorganism’s bank and intellectual property assets such as patents, trademarks, processes and methods. According to the cellulosic ethanol manufacturer‘s RP, with the acquisition, SGBio boosts the owner’s knowledge, having access to a full suite of higher performance technologies in the production of biochemicals.

The robustness and flexibility of microorganisms have already been proven at scale, demonstrating high productivity, which considerably reduces the risk in the project schedule.

2014-04-08 Fabrica GranBio Etanol 2G

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