2015/16 crop will be 3.1% higher, says Conab

The harvest 2015/16 will be higher than the previous cycle. According to estimates by Conab, the total production of sugar cane is expected to grow 3.1%, totaling 654, 6 million tons. Increase of 19.8 million, compared to 2014/15, when 634.8 million tons were harvested.

This amount should be planted in approximately 9 million hectares, increase 0.7% in planted area.

The company estimates for this crop productivity 72.170 kg/ha, 2.4% increase over 2014/15, which reached 70,495 kg/ha.

Sugar production, which totaled 35.56 million tons in the previous cycle, has estimated to increase, expected to increase of 5%, raising to 37.35 million tons sugar production in the country.

With 28.66 billion liters produced in 2014/15, the forecast for this harvest is up 1.9% to 29.2 billion liters, an increase of 539.2 million liters.

The company said, the anhydrous production will increase in 1 billion liters, from 11.73 to 12.73 billion liters. While the hydrous will be reduced by 2.8%, with production of 467.4 million liters less.

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