“We have to leave strengthened,” says president of the Frente

“The producer [of the sugarcane industry] goes through crisis, and it is not a secret, that we have to learn and leave strengthened [this crisis]”, said on Thursday morning (07/05) the federal member Sérgio Souza (PMDB/PR), who became president of the Frente Parlamentar pela Valorização do Setor Sucroenergético.

“In union with the Parliament, when he lists the major causes of Brazil, the Frente will have important role in mitigating that affects the sector’s crisis”, he amended.

The Frente, he said, should “make society understand the importance of the sector.”

In his opinion, the great challenge will be the cogeneration, the verticalization of sugarcane sector. “Before, only production of sugar, after sugar and ethanol and now also of energy”, he said. “We all saw that there is low the reservoirs and cogeneration comes to give energy security.”

According to him, it will be necessary to look for, with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, create proper policy for bioelectricity.

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